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How to choose an ISP

Net Index by Ookla - Household Download Index for Philippines

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube - These, I think, are the some of the most common sites visited by our generation, or at least my immediate community. It cannot be denied that socialization is now done not only in the personal level but also and more often done over the web. School researches, assignments, and the like are being sought for in the internet. Entertainment has also been among the reasons why people choose to have an internet connection at home.


Apple Announces New Mac Pro With up to 12 Cores - PCWorld

Apple Announces New Mac Pro With up to 12 Cores - PCWorld

I remember myself letting out a childish grin (I was young back then, anyway) and a long "wow" when I found out that I was going to have a new desktop. While that alone could make computer-addict kid smile from ear to ear already, what made me drool (not literally, of course) were the specs of the unit. Being the curious child I was, I asked knowledgeable people about the specs and found out that the processor, an Intel Pentium 4, was then a gem in the commercial computing world.